Practical Lambing and Lamb Care: A Veterinary Guide, Third Edition

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Preface to the second edition. Preface to the third edition.

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The newborn lamb ; Problems facing the 'perfect' lamb; Constraints on lamb viability; Summary. Lambing the ewe ; The normal lambing; Approach to assistance; Specific problems; Resuscitation of the newborn; After an assisted lambing. Abortion in ewes ; Non-infectious abortion; Infectious abortion.

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Prevention of problems ; Prevention of problems in ewes; Prevention of problems in lambs; Assessment of losses; Ewe body-conditioning scoring; Vaccination; Vitamin supplementation; Mineral supplementation; Prevention of problems in organic management systems. Techniques for treating newborn lambs ; Diagnosis of problems; Feeding the newborn lamb; Administration of drugs; Warming hypothermic lambs; Care of the weak lamb; Artificial rearing; Fostering; Castration; Navel dressing; Ear tagging and electronic identification; Giving an enema.

Lambing equipment checklist.

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Index Show More What People are Saying About This From the Publisher "This book is a revised edition that provides practical guidance and information on aspects of lambing and lamb care. It covers the major diseases and problems seen in lambs and includes chapters on ewe health, including abortion issues, preventitive methods, lambing techniques and animal welfare issues.

There is new information on zoonotic infections, the handling and storage of drugs, flock health plans and consideration for organic producsers. This book would be of interest to animal producers, veterinarians and veterinary and agricultural students. CAB Abstracts, "The inclusion of simple diagrams and clear instruction make this a useful reference for those caring for sheep as well as students. If the information within this book were implemented on all sheep enterprises, the welfare of lambs would be significantly improved.

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